Saturday, April 22, 2017

Skating Party - Happy Birthday, Tristan

Troy was invited to a birthday party for his friend Tristan from church. Troy had never been roller skating before, so I was interested to see how he'd do when I took him over there!

Mr. Confident had his skates strapped on and while i gathered my stuff he was up on his feet and down on his butt in about .2 seconds total. I appreciate his confidence and enthusiasm though.

We decided one of those walker things would be a safe bet to get started with.

Until it was break time for food and cake! The glow in the dark room was awesome!

Then we had a little arcade date and played some games :)

I love hanging out with this kid :)

The defining characteristic of a birthday party. A dyed tongue from some combo of candy and frosting.

For his second round on skates, he insisted on not using the walker. #Determination

And for the most part, he was successful. Again, the determination and persistence to keep getting back up and trying hard to do it. I love him!

He gifted me with his glow in the dark necklace before we left. Only to ask for it back when we got home. But whatever. I got a little while with my gift from my guy at least :)

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