Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break Road Trip - Peoria and Davenport Day 1

With our awesome museum pass we have this year, and it's reciprocal membership all over the country, we thought we'd have a fun little one night getaway somewhere close and do a tour of a few different museums included on our pass. It worked out great

First up with the Peoria Playhouse. Cass loved the kitchen with kid-height countertops.

Troy quickly made a friend and they played together for a long time at the kinetic sand area. This was REALLY cool, as I hadn't seen a kids space set up like this before.

Then we realized there was a huge basement we hadn't even looked at yet. Here is Troy, literally scratching his head, trying to engineer these pipes to spin the water wheel.

Due to the time we were there, most people were gone for lunch/naptime and we basically had the place to ourselves towards the end.

But then hunger got the best of us and we headed out to find a bite. EASIER SAID THAN DONE. Ugh this was not easy! We headed to the Peoria Riverfront Museum (our next stop) and tried to find something around there. It took longer than I thought it would and the kids started dragging as we were on foot at this point.

BUT when we finally found a place, it was SO AMAZINGLY worth it. Blue Duck Barbeque Tavern, you are a mega hit in our book.

Fast forward through the Riverfront Museum where a few sports-related exhibits were and we thought we'd duck out and hit the road to Dubuque. Not much to do at that museum :/

Kids were happy though! Because once we got settled in, it was pool time! Look at my independent little fishy!

Who needs Cancun spring break when you got these party animals in Dubuque with you!?

We closed out the night with the very short walk across the hotel parking lot to Jimmy Johns. Troy was so happy for a giant pickle with his meal!

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