Monday, May 29, 2017

Last Day of Kindergarten For Troy

I can't even open these pics up without getting choked up. Yes, we took some fun pics to commemorate the last day of school. But my boy told me the night before his last day he "wishes there was just one more day so he didn't have to say goodbye to his teacher yet". This look here captures his sentiment going into the day best. #CueTheTears, Mommy.

I'm pretty sure this is when I asked if he was ready for SUMMER TIME!!! And boosted some enthusiasm :)

He insisted on dressing handsome for both the first and last day. Gosh he grew up a lot this year. In so many ways. #CueTheTearsAgain, Mommy...

They made the last day extra fun by inviting families to come in for a fun party for the last hour. They made picture frames of their class picture. Cass helped :)

And had an awesomely fun trail mix-esque snack!

Mrs. McHale told us at parent night before school started that "your kids already love you, now they need to love ME this year too." Mission accomplished, absolute mission accomplished. Troy adored his teacher.

Here's the card he made. Mrs McHale - I like school. TC (initials), Troy

You are the best teacher. Thank you for school.

Year one. Complete. 

Highlights - Cassidy, Gramma and Grampa Days

A few pics from Cassidy's adventure away to Chicago with Gramma and Grampa. She got her nails done at the salon - which, prior to her trip, was the top thing she was hoping she'd do with Gramma ;)

There was shopping...

And walking!

The girl LOVES umbrellas and wants a princess one now LOL

Fine dining and big smiles!

And LOTS of playing while shopping downtown. Including her first trip to American Girl Store (just to window shop) and Build-A-Bear to, well, build a bear.

They rode the train.

And relaxed in the mornings and evenings quite a bit!

Had this conversation with my mom following an Uber ride with Cass. The video citing the "mean girls" little sister's dance was pretty much spot on. #StopTheShimmy

Kindergarten Class Field Trip - Miller Park Zoo

I had the chance to officially "chaperone" my first school field trip, with a bus ride and all! Troy was pretty excited. We drove over to school together that day, so I got to see the early morning playground scene firsthand before the trip activities began.

My bus riding buddy!

The simplest little trip can be the most exciting apparently.

I had a group of four very busy boys for the day. They all liked basically the same things though. So it worked out well.

If there were other moments that were the "highlight" this chaotic playground scene was the "lowlight". Oy. I couldn't keep track of my own kid, let alone the three others in the group. It was soooo wild. I was so thankful when everyone was accounted for at the end and we were safely on the bus heading back home!

Highlights - Mommy and Troy days

Daddy - on a long trip
Cassidy - at her first "Cassidy only" getaway at Gramma and Grampa's
Mommy and Troy - home in Mahomet wrapping up the final days of school!

We made chocolate chip cookies

Went on some nice long walks where he got to set the pace and direction without me yelling "hold on, we have to wait for Cass!"

Sleepovers in my bed, dinos and all :)

And lots of snuggles! Love this boy and thankful for time with just him for a couple days!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Horse Whisperers

My kids love other kids but they also aren't phased when they're the only kids in a social situation. Like our end of year small group cookout. We showed up and they promptly scurried out to the pond. This was my view from the house for 80% of that evening, at least, while they poked around looking for frogs and creatures (and nobody fell in... yay!)

On the way out, they said goodbye to the horses. A highlight of our small group fun nights for them, for sure!

Interactions like these that make me swell with love for these two. They are a riot! 

Happy Birthday, Maple!

My friend Katie's adorable daughter Maple was turning 1 and we headed to their house to party. The highlight for the kids was some awesome face painting. Cassidy has never wanted hers painted before but this kind Grandma-like lady and minimal wait was right up my girl's alley!

Troy chose a dinosaur (like the one from Jurassic Park with the weird side things)...

Cass opted for Frozen, with a "pink and purple" twist.

Popsicles all around made this day lots of fun while we celebrated one awesome little one year old!

Final Freezer Meals of the "Season"

We planned to take summer off of our epic freezer meal events, and this May one was the last of the "season". Once again, we used both our home and my neighbor Bonnie's home right across the street. Oh freezer meals. How huge you have become!

250+ meals were prepared once again.

The scene at our house, where all the burgers and kabobs were prepared.

The scene at Bonnie's house.

The moment I turned around and 30 (60?) pounds of meat were covering my kitchen island.

Troy had a friend over for the evening while all this was going on. Cass was passed out asleep before the action began. It was a wild night of food!

Chicago Tradition - Portillo's Opens in Champaign

We were fortunate enough to score some golden tickets for a free sneak peek of the new Portillo's restaurant in Champaign! Always a hit when we're in Chicago, this one did not disappoint either!

My kids usually "grade" food with their thumbs. Seldom do *I* get a two thumbs up on a meal at home. But Portillo's definitely did!

Troy ate half his body weight in food LOL. Or at least it seemed that way. 

They came around passing out their famous chocolate cake to go.... how I escaped with the cake without the kids noticing I'll never know! But alas I did. And that post-bedtime dessert was glorious that night back at home!

Date Night - Baxter's

Mike and I arranged a somewhat last minute date night with thanks to my friend Anne for taking the kiddos for us. Mike was getting ready to leave on a month full of travel and we thought it'd be fun to get out for a quick meal after work one weeknight.

Next time, pick somewhere we KNOW will be good. Baxter's, you fail us again (as my mom and I gave it a go the month prior and it was a huge fail that night too). Mike in the background with his wine sums up our dining experience that night. At least the company was good!

Touch a Truck Day with My Girl

Our local touch-a-truck day was going on in Champaign the week before Troy got out of school for the summer. He and I used to go to this all the time when he was in preschool and before (it's an event geared for little ones) but I thought what's stopping me from taking my daughter!? The answer - nothing!

She wasn't too thrilled at the idea of trucks. She WAS thrilled at the idea of ice cream!

And really just wanted to play at the playground at first.

Until one finally caught her eye :)

And finding her friend Connor to "ride" the bus with was icing on the cake!

The Day It Almost Happened

Sit still. Don't touch anything. Don't go anywhere. For sixty minutes. That.almost.happened.

For the first time, my kiddos almost had to sit through my entire sixty minute Body Pump class. I'm sure they *could* have done it but I am betting on the fact I would have been interrupted on stage at least once (despite me impressing it upon them they couldn't!) AND I don't think they would have had much fun.

To say I'm thankful childcare came through literally sixty seconds before my class began is an understatement. Someday though. I bet someday it will happen. Pray for that day :) :)

Monday, May 22, 2017

"W" For Woods

I let Troy write some "W"s on our calendar for the woods, which means we take a walk to our woods and explore. The first one of the year was a success, with bullfrog spottings right out of the gates. We just didn't catch any!

Bug spray. Bandaids. Tick checks. All a part of our normal summer happenings :)

There's one! Spotted him! Just couldn't get one though ;)

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Thanks to Troy's VERY thoughtful teacher, Mother's Day was made out to be a big deal in our house this year. Starting with Troy's very adamant request that I NOT wake up early on Mother's Day and he "would come and get me when it was time to wake up" :) Breakfast in bed made by my son! And supervised by his daddy, whose feet were ready to hit the floor running as soon as Troy got up that morning :)

Oatmeal with apples :)

My gift was a really cool canvas project Troy made at school!

And a very thoughtful card, handwritten by my boy :)

Message  - "I love you watching me (play). I love you tickling me."

After my breakfast in bed, we headed north for a fun day at Gramma and Grampa's house in Chicago!

Troy made a huge dinosaur scene out in the yard. The weather was perfection!

And Cass picked a shadier spot (like Bear) to play with Barbies galore.