Monday, May 29, 2017

Highlights - Cassidy, Gramma and Grampa Days

A few pics from Cassidy's adventure away to Chicago with Gramma and Grampa. She got her nails done at the salon - which, prior to her trip, was the top thing she was hoping she'd do with Gramma ;)

There was shopping...

And walking!

The girl LOVES umbrellas and wants a princess one now LOL

Fine dining and big smiles!

And LOTS of playing while shopping downtown. Including her first trip to American Girl Store (just to window shop) and Build-A-Bear to, well, build a bear.

They rode the train.

And relaxed in the mornings and evenings quite a bit!

Had this conversation with my mom following an Uber ride with Cass. The video citing the "mean girls" little sister's dance was pretty much spot on. #StopTheShimmy

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