Monday, May 29, 2017

Kindergarten Class Field Trip - Miller Park Zoo

I had the chance to officially "chaperone" my first school field trip, with a bus ride and all! Troy was pretty excited. We drove over to school together that day, so I got to see the early morning playground scene firsthand before the trip activities began.

My bus riding buddy!

The simplest little trip can be the most exciting apparently.

I had a group of four very busy boys for the day. They all liked basically the same things though. So it worked out well.

If there were other moments that were the "highlight" this chaotic playground scene was the "lowlight". Oy. I couldn't keep track of my own kid, let alone the three others in the group. It was soooo wild. I was so thankful when everyone was accounted for at the end and we were safely on the bus heading back home!

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