Monday, May 29, 2017

Last Day of Kindergarten For Troy

I can't even open these pics up without getting choked up. Yes, we took some fun pics to commemorate the last day of school. But my boy told me the night before his last day he "wishes there was just one more day so he didn't have to say goodbye to his teacher yet". This look here captures his sentiment going into the day best. #CueTheTears, Mommy.

I'm pretty sure this is when I asked if he was ready for SUMMER TIME!!! And boosted some enthusiasm :)

He insisted on dressing handsome for both the first and last day. Gosh he grew up a lot this year. In so many ways. #CueTheTearsAgain, Mommy...

They made the last day extra fun by inviting families to come in for a fun party for the last hour. They made picture frames of their class picture. Cass helped :)

And had an awesomely fun trail mix-esque snack!

Mrs. McHale told us at parent night before school started that "your kids already love you, now they need to love ME this year too." Mission accomplished, absolute mission accomplished. Troy adored his teacher.

Here's the card he made. Mrs McHale - I like school. TC (initials), Troy

You are the best teacher. Thank you for school.

Year one. Complete. 

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