Monday, May 22, 2017

Last Day - Preschool Pals

Cassidy's "Preschool Pals" were the perfect "pre-preschool" experience for her this spring. She got her first taste of what school would be like, and when it came to a close, she was already inquiring what would be next. Thankfully, she's very excited for next year's preschool, and proudly announces she's all done with preschool pals too.

On the last day, she brought me in to show me around. So fun to see her taking ownership of the different things, as the only other time I was in the classroom was before she began.

Here she is showing off her cubby, .

That night she was outside playing with our next door neighbor. While not classmates yet, once they begin school together in the same grade i think we'll have lots of "first day" bus pictures and such of these two!

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