Monday, May 22, 2017

Urbana Playscape and Nature Center

Early out days from school are usually a good chance to go and do something fun. I thought we'd take a ride over to the Urbana "Playscape" that just opened to see what it was like. As big fans of the Homer Lake Playscape, I wasn't sure what to expect. While not the same, it WAS a fun place to go spend an afternoon, without a doubt! Especially for my nature lovers :)

Rocks to climb on? Yes please.

Sand to dig in WITH provided sand toys?! Yep and yep.

When it started to drizzle, we headed inside into the nature center. I think we've only come in here once or twice before. Right now? Perfect for my kids!

Troy found fossils found by local scientists!

Cass enjoyed the bird watching room.

While Troy read about different frogs.

As the rain died down, we did a very short walk out onto the trail. The kids liked the bridge.

And the magnifying glass the staff had given the kids was a huge hit too!

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